In this session I will focus on how to best understand, visualize and analyze data from a baggage handling system consisting of thousands of moving parts installed in a conveyor system several kilometers long. I will go into how we use a combination of existing system logs and new IoT data sources to improve our predictive maintenance capabilities. Additionally, I will show how we have developed a 3D visualization platform enabling projection of live data and analytics results onto a model of the running system.

Key Takeaways

Monitoring long term degradations and rare events through existing system logs
Combining IoT data with system logs for increased systems transparency
Using a digital twin to visualize system performance


Speaker Bio

Lasse Vilhelmsen has a background with a Ph.D. in computational physics and has worked as software developer and data scientist in the energy and logistics sectors. Lasse beliefs in the value of data driven decision making and in bringing dead data back to life through clear actionable results.

May 24 @ 11:50
11:50 — 12:20 (30′)

Stage 3 | Data Integration and Quality

┬áProgram Day 2, Lasse Vilhelmsen – Data Scientist | Beumer Group