Ever increasing environmental requirements call for a change in water treatment. Grundfos Smart Filtration combines digital twins, real-time analytics, reinforcement learning, and expert knowledge to optimize performance, predict events, and schedule actions which leads to cleaner, better, and cheaper water. A novel set of generic algorithms gives a radical change in the market for control systems for membrane filtration

Key Takeaways

Real-time analytics
Membrane system optimization
Significant OPEX savings on power and chemical use


Speaker Bio

Helle Kem Rehmeier is lead project manager in GRUNDFOS Strategic Development & Innovation. She is an experienced innovator in Grundfos global innovation engine Future Options she, together with her team, has created several of GRUNDFOS´ iconic products within many core products like future Industry pumps and waste water pumps. She has headed projects within GRUNDFOS´s future novel solutions with cooling systems in commercial buildings as a highlight, where a solution has been deployed utilizing existing products to a complete solution. She is experienced within global and complex cross-functional team work – all projects with a global business perspective!

May 23 @ 16:55
16:55 — 17:25 (30′)

Stage 1 | Applied Data-Driven Maintenance

 Program Day 1, Helle Kem Rehmeier – Lead Project Manager | Grundfos