Decentralised computing is of increasing importance in IIOT. We will discuss the reasons for the rise of this technology and, with real-life use cases, methods to capture value from the data at its point of origin.

Key Takeaways

  • Building centralised data-driven solutions in IIOT is challenging due to the isolation of data, infrastructure and operators in complex industrial settings.
  • Decentralised computing is of increasing importance as it provides a solution to these challenges as opposed to a more conventional cloud-based solution.


Speaker Bio

Ellie heads R&D at Arundo Analytics. Ellie has 15 years experience building data-driven solutions in complex equipment settings. She is a particle physicist by training, having worked as part of the Higgs discovery team at CERN. She has worked for the past decade for software companies in variety of industries, but with the focus on the application of advanced analytics and digitalisation to engineering disciplines. Ellie has a MPhys in Physics from Oxford University and a DPhil in Elementary Particle Physics from Oxford University.

May 24 @ 11:15
11:15 — 11:45 (30′)

Stage 2 | Analytics Modelling and Innovation

 Program Day 2, Ellie Dobson РVice President R&D | Arundo Analytics