Presenting how AkerBP has started an agile lab of 60 people, to enhance their digitalization. We (Saurabh & Bjørn) represent two separate teams which are developing smart maintenance solutions, which is one of several categories AkerBP are trying to improve in this project. Both of us will also present one use case each, which include an equipment condition dashboard (Currently containing PSD valves, fire dampers and centrifugal pumps) and an equipment overview tool (shows status of equipment and enables activity planning based on automated dashboard solution along with data driven decisions for the equipment)

Key Takeaways

From sensor to value
Agile Working Method
Digitalization in the oil industry

Speaker Bio

Saurabh Kumar is a senior reliability engineer in predictive maintenance function in AkerBP with more than 10 years of relevant experience. He has worked primarily in Oil and Gas sector with experience from BP Norway, AkerSolutions and SKF Norway. In this current digitalization initiative from AkerBP, Saurabh is working as a domain expert. Saurabh did his PhD from Luleå University of Technology, Sweden in 2008 and has many publications in international journals. He has been reviewer in some reliability and maintenance journals as well.


Bjørn Hauge Hansen is a reliability engineer within the predictive maintenance function in AkerBP, he has a Bachelor’s degree within Mechanical Engineering from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and a Master’s degree within Entrepreneurial Engineering from Aalborg University, that he finished in 2018. He is new to the oil industry, and his earlier experience has mainly been w

May 24 @ 13:20
13:20 — 13:50 (30′)

Stage 2 | Analytics Modelling and Innovation

 Program Day 2, Saurabh Kumar and Bjorn Hauge Hansen – Reliability Engineers | AkerBP